How much do you know DAF sludge dewatering?

Sep. 19, 2017

Here I will tell the process of DAF sludge dewatering. The floated sludge is removed periodically to a desludging trough, and the clarified water flows to the bottom of the clarifying chamber and then to an effluent control weir for collection. The air saturator is used to dissolve air in the water and then generate bubbles to float the floc particles.

DAF sludge dewatering

Some of the main advantages of DAF systerm include better performance for removing light particles such as algae, which are difficult to settle. DAF can also usually achieve lower effluent turbidity than settling, typically less than 0.5 NTU. It is not as sensitive to temperature, especially cold temperatures as is common in settling, and the startup time is very short, approximately 30 minutes. Further, DAF does not need to generate heavy floc for settling, so lower coagulant dosage and shorter flocculation time can be used. The process can also operate at much higher surface loading rates (SLR) than sedimentation, especially in the high-rate DAF processes, which can be up to 20 gpm/ft2.

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