An introduction of DAF equipment

Mar. 10, 2018

DAF equipment, the use of micro-bubble flotation as a solid/liquid or liquid/liquid (or both) separation method, is widely used in industrial and domestic wastewater treatment processes. Dissolved Air Flotation is a well-established separation process that uses micro-bubbles as a carrier phase to remove solids, ions, macromolecules, fibers and other materials, BOD, COD reduction and for sludge thickening.

Air Flotation offers process advantages over such processes as filtration, precipitation, or adsorption using natural and synthetic sorbents and media. The advantages include better treated-water quality, rapid startup, high rate operation, and a thicker sludge, shorter sludge residence time in a secondary clarifier stage and flexibility in changing the operation parameters as the result of active sludge separation.

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daf equipment

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