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High Speed Daf

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Significant Advantage

Turbidity can be reduced to 0.5NTU

Algae and oil removal rate over 95%

Automatic discharge sludge

Concentration 2~4%

Water loss rate less than 1.5%

Seperation speed over 30m/h

Air dissolution rate 27%

Ion bubble diameter 3~7μm

Polymer dosage can be reduced 30%-50%, which is from the using of matrix water distribution technology and high speed coagulation reactor.

Why choose

High Speed Daf also called daf in wastewater treatment, water treatment daf, daf systems wastewater treatment.

Highly effective to remove low density granules (such as algae, suspended oil, suspended solids, etc.)

Clarified water by dissolved air and micro bubble manufacturing technology (patent technology).

Ultra surface loading capacity, less land need, intelligente operation.

Instant power on and off

Application Fields

Low temperature, high turbidity (peak value>500NTU) high algae salt concentration seawater.

Pre-treatment、advanced treatment and raise standards upgrade project for municipal waste water.

River black smelly water, reservoir water, tap water,lake water and algae containing water etc.

H series

TypeRated flowlengthwidthheightrated powervolume(extra)
Modelm3/hftftftkwCoagulation zone(m3)Flocculation zone(m3)

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