Electrolytic Daf
Electrolytic Daf
  • Electrolytic Daf

Electrolytic Daf

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Significant Advantage

Oil content in outlet water can be reduced less than 1mg/L

Broken ring, broken chain, decolorization, deodorant, disinfection

No man need on duty

The skid mounted structure is available out-of-the-box

Why choose

No polymer consumption, low cost of investment and operating

An efficient performance of solid and liquid seperation,whicn is from unique dissolved air and micro bubble manufacturing technology.

Less water residence time

Instant power on and off

Application Fields

Electrolytic Daf also called daf unit water treatment, daf system wastewater treatment, daf in wastewater treatment, dissolved air flotation process for water clarification.

Pre-treatment and advanced treatment of wastewater in oil and gas field

All kinds of emulsion waste water ,salty water treatment in petrochemical industry, surface treatment(electroplate、PCB、pickling) , pharmaceutical, printing, chemical waste water.

E series

TypeRated flowlengthwidthheightrated powerrecycling pumpcompressor

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